I love music, every kind of music. For me music is life: it feeds my body, heart and Soul.

I’ve been exploring all genres and i’ve been surprised by the difference: it is a free form,
you can express yourself and do your thing! Every sound that gets into my ears goes
straight to my nerves , stimulates my mind and touch my Soul so deep…
giving me a particular and singular emotion and taking me to another place.
Everything sounds and vibrations are all around and inside us all time!
Maderadioactive is a present for all those who share this feeling for the magic of sounds.
We Made For Love is the complete name of our Made Cultural Association:
we produce, promote and make exhibitions about Art without boundaries:
no limitations in space and time and no prejudice.
The approach to music is exactly the same, no genres excluded, we love it all!
This new born web radio needs Love: we have a big family of friends that give us the support,
the help and the energy we need to go further on up this sunny road!
You are all invited to get in touch and be a part of it
Thank you , Peace, Love & Unity
Dario  love MADERadioActive

technical support :

Adriano De Micco, Ottavio Volterrani


Daniela Boni, Max Casacci, Gabriele Ferrarotti,Patrick Di Stefano, Kiki, Katya Vanila, Dikky Dave, Smash Tv, David Mayer, Royko

friends: Klaus Bamberg, Daniela Enrico, Enrico Debandi, Alberto Oddenino, Emanuele Cisi, Ettore Barabino,  Marco Vestidello, Gerry Di Fonzo .

Copyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved

ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE MADE | C.F.: 97758230011 | Licenza SIAE n. 3433/I/3286 | Diffusione destinata al solo uso privato e personale: è vietato qualsiasi altro utilizzo.



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